Meet Diane, Founder & Artisan

For My Friends began in Diane’s kitchen in 2009 during her second pregnancy, when she formulated a balm to fend off pending stretch marks. Her then 3-year-old son was suffering from eczema, so Diane created a solution that was safe but also therapeutic and luxuriant. Her signature product The BOM immediately became a favourite amongst her inner circle.

For My Friends has since been introduced to the open market through word-of-mouth, local events and repeat business. The product line has expanded to include best-sellers including a healing Magnesium Spray and decadent Body Oil as well as other facial and body treatments. 

For My Friends understands that what goes on our skin, goes in our skin. It’s about more than using organic and unrefined ingredients; it’s also about formulating non-toxic treatments that combine essential Vitamins + Minerals, Fatty Acids, and Potent Botanicals to heal and nourish your skin. Every ingredient included in our products has a specific therapeutic purpose, to restore skin’s balance and vitality. 

It’s our mission to share our knowledge and the benefits of our skincare line with you, your family and of course - your friends!