Magnesium Oil

Magnesium Oil


Magnesium is one of the most abundant mineral in our body. The purest magnesium comes from the ancient underground Zechstein Seabed. Every cell in our bodies, needs magnesium in some way. Caffeine, alcohol and sugar all deplete our magnesium. Trans-dermal Magnesium therapy is a superior method of raising magnesium levels, as it penetrates the dermis and goes directly into our bloodstream, bypassing and therefore not taxing the liver. It may be used for muscle & joints pain, strong bones, good sleep and stress reduction. Magnesium is able to provide pain reduction due to its ability to, block pain receptors.

Independently tested and certified mercury, lead, arsenic and fluoride-free.

  • Use For Relief Of Muscle Cramps & Strains, Sports Recovery, Migraines, Pain Management, Arthritic Pain, Restless Leg and Bursitis

  • 4 sprays provide approximately 50mg elemental magnesium

Directions: Apply 4-8 sprays to the affected area as needed, applying 4 sprays, massaging it in and when dry more if needed. For forehead or hard to reach areas, spray it on your fingers or in your hands and apply.

In a small percentage of people there is itching, tingling and stinging when first using Magnesium Oil. If you are bothered by it simply rinse the area. The Magnesium Oil is not an oil, but a highly saturated mineral solution that feels like oil. It is water soluble. You may also try 2 sprays, to test for sensitivity. With repeated use, the tingling and itching should fade. It will not cause sensitivity on the palms of hands and feet. Do not use directly on cuts or open wounds.


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