Mineral Detox Soak

Mineral Detox Soak


Mineral Detox Soak with uniquely beautiful Himalayan mineral salt. Tranquil, will bathe you with a synergistic combination of heat, minerals and aromatherapy. This fragrant soak produces a therapeutic effect that goes beyond relaxation. Bringing the spa to you.

Ayurveda sees taking a bath as an incredibly healing and sanctified activity purifying the body and clarifying the mind.  Our often hectic lifestyles and overfilled schedules cause environmental toxins to accumulate in our bodies and detoxification becomes extremely important. Your skin, your largest organ will be deeply cleansed while minerals are absorbed, and toxins are released via osmosis. The inside and the outside of your body is detoxified through this process that nourishes, revitalizes and hydrates your tired stressed skin. Leaving your skin smooth and radiant.

As the tension melts away, let your senses be soothed by the power of pure essential oils. Calm the effects of stress with organic French lavender, clary sage, cedar-wood, frankincense, and sweet orange essential oils.

Directions: Pour up to half jar of MINERAL DETOX into warm running bath to disperse the salts. Soak for 15-30 minutes. Use ½ cup for a circulation boosting foot soak. Warmer water provides more detoxing and a cooler bath is for remineralization.  No need to rinse off after. Just towel dry and have a glass of water to hydrate the inside too. Enjoy this bath 1-2 times per week.


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