The Mini BOM

The Mini BOM

  • Comes with a screw top; perfect for your purse, backpack or luggage

  • The highest quality organic & unrefined ingredients make this balm, a one-stop-shop

  • It will leave your skin smooth, protected and not greasy.

  • Hemp seed oil is rich in nutrients, full of amino acids and has the perfect balance of critical omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids

  • Tamanu Oil - Has antibacterial & antifungal properties, Coumarins & xanthones as powerful antioxidants and Linoleic acid to seal the skin

  • Organic rosehip oil - Is loaded with antioxidant vitamins A & C capable of stimulating collagen production and lightening dark spots

  • The base is a luxuriant creamy organic shea butter, providing a barrier to keep moisture in and environmental toxins out

  • Shea is high in vitamins A, B & E, oleic & stearic acids

  • Gentle french lavender, organic palmarosa and organic peppermint essential oils offer calming aromatherapy and sooth the skin



12 month shelf life


SHEA BUTTER SOURCE: Global Shea Alliance Partner

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