Marine Clay Mask

Marine Clay Mask


Marine Clay Mask a Powerful Nutrifier, will feed your skin what it has been lacking while clearing out environmental toxins improving respiration to the epidermis and reveal plump revitalized skin.

This Pristine Source of Canadian Marine Glacier Clay is harvested in British Columbia and is rich in phytoplankton generally of the algae variety, containing vital proteins and enzymes that can improve the look of aging skin. The clay’s negative electrical charge binds with toxins and heavy metals combined with essential nutrients gives this particular clay its powerful natural healing properties.

Antioxidant Matcha scours free radicals to decrease inflammation, Burdock Extract stimulates circulation, while vitamin powerhouse Kale Extract reduces detoxifies reducing puffiness and dark circles.

Blue Tansey essential oil to soothe the skin and the nervous system.

Ingredients: Marine Glacier Clay, Matcha Extract, Kale Extract, Burdock Extract, Blue Tansey Essential Oil*.


Mix 2-3 tspn with water(or raw honey, yogurt) adding only a little liquid at a time, Make a paste and brush on to the face and decolletage. Leave on for 10-20 mins and wipe off with damp cloth.


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